A note from your moderators

jerome schatten

Dear List Members...

Two days ago, we rejected a post from a list member -- it was the first time this has happened. It was rejected not because we thought it was unworthy of being heard, but simply because this list was, in our opinion, the wrong venue for such a post.

It was the text of Netanyahu's Sept. 24th 2009 speech before the United Nations General Assembly. It came as a forwarded chain-type email to be passed on to as many folks as possible.

As with most moderated Internet groups, moderators try to ensure that posts are reasonably consistent with the stated purpose of the group. And so it is meant to be with this group. This is simply the process of keeping the posts to the group 'on-topic'.

The purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion concerning Jewish
history, culture and genealogy connected to the town of Podhajce and

Appropriateness of a post is measured against this simple statement of

In short, if your post has nothing to do with why we have come together in common purpose, it's most likely not appropriate for this list.

Political posts, chain letters, posts soliciting signatures or monies,
are examples of things that most likely would not pass muster. That
said, the hands of moderation are extremely light.

Thanks for your understanding,
Jean Rosenbaum
Jerome Schatten

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