Re: Chana Wittes Buchwald Podhajce


The small village of Wisniowczyk/Vishnevchik, very close to Podhajce, had a large family of Buchwalds.  The people on my husband's tree may be generation or so earlier than this Chana.  Shaindel Leah Buchwald whose father was Yisroel married Moishe Mendel Hacken born abt 1820.   Moishe Mendel and Shaindel had 7 children that we know about.  Shmuel, Solomon Shloma Hillel b. 1842, Avrum/Avroham, Meyer,  Sarah Perel, Esther Raisa, and Jutta.  In September 1901, Avrum's son, Moses and several cousins formed the Erste Wisniowczyker Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein.  One of the signers was Nathan Buchwalder.  I have a copy of the NYC certificate of incorporation.  The first Hacken burial by the society was Solomon in Mt. Hebron in 1919.    Always glad to share information.
Georgia Haken

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