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Jon--that is really exciting.  I almost didn't respond to the original letter.  Now I am so glad that I did.


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Chag sameach to you and all.  I am using this non-work day to do some long-overdue catch up, including all-things Podhajce.  Your email below prompted me to follow the link, and to the page about Congregations Massas Benjamin.  On that page I found the following about the shul:
The cornerstone says:
In memory of the brothers Shimon and Yisroel, sons of Moshe Einshtases (ad menucha, i.e., to his eternal rest), an offering on behalf of their mother, Golda Einshtases, 1926.
This info is news to me, important to me, and sent shivers down my spine:  Shimon ("Zygmunt" or "Sigmund") Einstoss was my great uncle. Yisroel ("Sruel" or "Irving") Einstoss (known by Greenberg, Golda's maiden name, as required by then-applicable-in-Podhajce Austro-Hungarian law), was my maternal grandfather.  Both of them were machers in the smoked fish industry, which I imagine was how they had the means to contribute to the construction of the shul.
This group continues to be a blessing.
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Christopher--Are you familiar with the website  ?  There is information about Congregation Massas Benjamin there.

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