Re: Surnames in Podhajce


Hello Christopher,
Your Grandmother Valerie was a great favorite of mine, and my first cousin. Uncle Elliot and my father Harold were brothers.
Their father Max was the son of Rabbi Shulem Baumrind, grandson of Mordechai Baumrind, and great grandson of Rabbi Moshe 
Baruch Bezin. When I was 12 Max told me I was the 7th oldest son. Since I've given you the 6 generations I know, I'm still 
looking for that 7th oldest son (Rabbi Moshe Baruch Bezin's father). If, in your searches, you find him, please let me know.
Hope this helps.
Captain Stephen J.Baumrind, USCGR=RET (the full title). Your Mom called me Steve.

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Stephen, I came across your comments about Shulem Baumrind while researching his Congregation Massas Benjamin. I have been looking into the my family history recently. I'm Tim's son, Valerie's grandson, Elliot's great grandson, Max's 2nd great grandson, and Shulem is my 3rd great grandfather.
Would you be able to help me fill in the gaps in my knowledge about Shulem and his family?

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