Seeking Information; Moshel Family

Netanel Moshel


My grandfather, Abraham Hillel Moshel, was born in Podhajce in 1918, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia after the Holocaust in 1950 (around). He passed away in 2010. 

I'm trying to find relatives, he had a very large family, and we don't have much information about them. He had 10 siblings, we know of one sibling, Boruch, who moved to Israel, who died in the 50's. Apart from that, we don't know much.

He spoke a lot about Podhajce, he had a book called Sefer Podhajce. He spoke about getting a blessing from Reb Meir from Premishlan, which was nearby. 

Would love to find some connections.


Netanel Moshel

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