Family History Library (LDS) Records from Podhajce


I have downloaded many of the films that I was able to from the Family History Library for Podhajce. 
These records are separated into 3 religious denominations:

(The links below will take you to the Family History site)
1.  Roman Catholic Records
2.  Jewish Records
3.  Greek Catholic

There were some Roman Catholic Records and Greek Catholic Records that I still need to finish downloading, but need to be at a Family History Center to do so.  Additionally, there were a few films that have not been digitized yet and are only available on microfilm.  Unless these become available within the next few years, it's probable that you need go to Salt Lake City to view because they stopped their microfilm program in September of 2017.

The following link will take you to my Podhajce Googledrive files.  Hopefully we all can now start figuring out how we all relate. 

 Podhajce Google Drive Files. 

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