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I don’t remember.  they were both from Ft. Worth.  One remained in FW and the other moved to El Paso.  Goldie was married to the one in El Paso. c g

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 Hi, Carol.  Which Son?  Susan
Never give up.  And never, under any circumstances, face the facts.~Ruth Gordon

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Dear Jean:  My Father’s first cousin, Goldie, My grandmother, Rosa Sass Waldman’s Niece, was married to Feign Lerner's son!  Harriet Geller pf Houston is her daughter.  Carol Gene Coen

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Susan—I don’t know if I ever told you this story.  Your g-grandmother, Feiga Lerner Farb was a good friend of my Grandmother, Sarah Lehrer Zinn.   As you know, they both came to Galveston, Texas when they immigrated to the U.S.   When my sister was a young girl, she put ketchup on everything served at a meal, and it always upset my grandmother.  So one day, Feiga took the bottle of ketchup home with her and told my sister that she would make her a ketchup cake.  Somehow, that cake never got made, but the ketchup habit got broken.  Not an important story, but connections are always interesting.
Jean Rosenbaum 
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Thought I'd list my Farb/Lerner family.  My gg-grandfather was Avrum Farb, married to Dwora.  His son, Aaron, came to Galveston, TX.  Later, my g-grandmother, Feiga Lerner came to marry him.  Thank you again, Jean Rosenbaum, for helping me find her Ellis Island record.
Susan Farb
Never give up.  And never, under any circumstances, face the facts.~Ruth Gordon

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And thank you for starting the List in the first place, and your work in getting the Podhajce Yizkor book published, and, and….

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> Thanks Jerome for continuing your service to Podhajce researchers for so many years.
> Jean Rosenbaum

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