Re: anyone have luck finding Austro-Hungarian military records?



I apologize for the truncated link.  I was trying to post it from my phone.  Additionally, the file was empty because I was uploading a large amount of files and it had not yet started to update the folder.  The images are now uploading to the folder. 

Again, here is the link:!As-IUF0Wfp2Zj-YBTcP7bJVuZ-rF5Q

I won't be able to get to the family history library for about another week.  I will try to download another folder from Podhajce while I am there.  I am splitting my time between researching my Italian family on my father's side, and my Polish family on my mothers.  My maternal grandmother's father's family were Wojciechowski's from Podhajce.  My maternal grandmother's mother's family were from Podkamien.

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