Re: anyone have luck finding Austro-Hungarian military records?

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This is all so wonderful!  Thanks for letting me part of it.  My great grandmother was from Podhajce.  Her last name was Schimel.  First name was Chinka.  She married Moses Hutz from Kozowa and my grandmother was born there.....Cirl Chancia Hutz.  
May I ask, if anyone has visited Podhajce, is it a safe place to go to?  Do I need a guide?  Where do I fly in to?  I would love to visit Podhajce and Kozowa.  I am a flight attendant so I can do all of this for very little money.  I just do not know how to begin.
Any help would be appreciated!!
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If I posted this in error I do apologize.  I'm a bit computer illiterate!

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I have found a program that gets around the downloading restrictions on the films for Podhajce.  I’ve been trying to put together my Wojciechowski tree.  In time, I will download all the films from Podhajce to build our own accessible database to share with the group. 

I have one one folder downloaded so far, Podhajce - Marriages 1826-1868, Marriages 1876-1898, Deaths 1878-1898, Births, marriages, deaths 1878-1881

Here is the link:  ps://!As-IUF0Wfp2Zj-YBTcP7bJVuZ-rF5Q

f anyone needs to reach me, my email is Samueljorlando@...

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