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Jill Rothwell

Thank you Jerome for your efforts. I was in Podhajce about 18 months ago when I visited three nearby hamlets of Laskivtsi, Mateushivka and Vivsya. My great grandfather, Samuel BIEDER started life as a goose herd in Laskivtsi and ended up running a large leased estate with distillery at Vivsya. Today these remote Ruthenian hamlets look poor, run down with few people and crumbling houses along both sides of a lumpy pot holed track which in winter would turn to mud. Any young have left for the cities, mechanisation is low with mainly horses and carts and a few Soviet era army vehicles. The land/steppe is very horizontal with rich black soil. 
Few Jews would have lived in these hamlets but anyone with any connections here it would be great to connect.
Jill Bieder (Rothwell)
Auckland, New Zealand

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