Re: anyone have luck finding Austro-Hungarian military records?


HI Carol,
Sorry about that. So, I'm lucky, because I didn´t have this problem.
Probably it depends on the people that you meet.




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They did give me the spiel.  I learned that a distant cousin of mine who married a Morman lady had previously agreed to my ancestor’s conversion.  After responding and refusing this conversion, supposedly the act has been removed.  However not until every relative of mine that I could find responded that the “cousin” who gave permission, did not have permission from us.  Carol Cohen
Thank you, Carol Cohen

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Hello Jeff,

I'm doing my research about my family, borned in Bekersdorf Podhajce.
I'm doing it  at Mormon Church,in my city and the place is History Family Center where we can also ask for microfilms there. 
They never did that "proselytizing spiel". I was afraid about it too but never happened to me.
Sometimes, someone start to talking about their subjects but nothing that you have to heard.
I suggest you to go there and try. It helps me a lot.

Best Regards
Soraya B. Tony



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If anyone has luck on this quest, please let me know as well.  Thanks!
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Hello All,
Just curious, has anyone found any online Austrian military records for pre-WW1 Podhajcers?
The online Mormon Church database seems to have them but you need some kind of special clearance
that their online representative was unable to give me.
I spoke to someone working at the Mormon Church in Vienna, Austria (where I live) and they said if I go to their
center they will give me access, but only onsite, where I assume I will be given a proselytizing spiel.
Jeff Kellner


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