Re: any contact in Pidaitsi


Hi Faye,

Try calling Meylach Shechet, he is an important Jewish figure in Ukraine, he lives in Lviv and protects many Jewish sites. He may have a guide for you. 


skype: meylakh.sheykhet

Meylakh fenced in the massive Pidhaitsi Jewish cemetery about 10 years ago.

I sent Meylakh a skype message with your email address.

I used Lviv-based Alex Dunai in 2000 as a guide. He drove me out to Pidhaitsi and interviewed people and translated for me, so I understood what everyone in the town was saying (they were nice people in town and local efforts were recently made to clean up and secure the synagogue).

I met Alex 16 years ago so it is possible he does not do tours anymore.


In Lviv tel: 

Or read this Yahoo blog regarding tour guides for the Pidhaitsi area:



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Hello,  my great grandfather was born  in podhajce (now in Ukraine) and emigrated to the US at the end of the 19th century.  I happen to be in Ukraine now and plan to visit the town where he came from.  Does anyone have any contacts in the area who I might reach out to for information or assistance?  

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