To Mariola Kalarus Re: Beckersdorf - Could you help me please?


Hi Mariola,
I've sent to you email but I don't know if you did  receive, so, I'm sending by here.
Soraya Brixi 
 Hello Mariola!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How happy am I to talking to you!!!
It's have been already ten years that I'm researching about Our family and you are the first one that I found.
Do you have the name some more informations about your Ruprich (Rubrich)?
I have already a lot of Rubrich/Ruprich in my research and all of them are from Beckersdorf.
Do you have the date of birth of your  Peter Rubrich? And the name of his wife?
I have one Bernardus Ruprich in my list, born in 05/08/1882 +/-. brother of Catharina Ruprich/Rubrich. They are daughter and son of Petrus Rubrich and Maria Kusnierz. Woud be that your relative?
My Petrus Rubrich is son of Georgius Rubrch and Catharina Ceve.

I have a lot of other names too.
Wich information do you already have and wich one are you looking for?
I'm so glad to have found you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me more about your family.
I live in Brasília-DF , Brazil
many many many hugs
Soraya Brixi Tony

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Hello Soraya Toni,
my grand grand father`s name is Peter Ruprich. He lived in Beckersdorf, Yustinovka (Ukraine today).I live in Germany and my name is Mariola Kalarus. My grand father`s name is Bernard Ruprich. He lived also in Beckersdorf or near Beckersdorf. His wife Michalina Futi had 14 children . One of this children was Maria Ruprich. She merried Julian Ludwik Kalarus and lived i n Delatyn ( near Kalush, Ukraine). Maria has born my father Jozef Kalarus and 2 other children. I`m very happy to find you.
Mariola Kalarus

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