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daniel greenspan

Thank you

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hi daniel

sign up and explore with the jewish gen website,a google search will find it.

its all there...many birth marriage and death records.

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My great grandmother, Chana Buchwald was born in 1879. She lived in Podhajce, but may have been born in the nearby village of Wisniowczyk, which is where her parents Ettie and Zalman-Hirsch Buchwald were from. She's buried in the Podhajce Jewish cemetary and I have a picture of her tombstone, but, aside from her name, I can't get any more info from it. I don't know when she died. Her Husband's name was Aaron Wittes, who I estimate was born ~1868 and died ~1916 of cholera or typhus. He had a general store and a mill where he ground kasha and other grains. I think that they lived in house #115, which is where my grandmother Esther was born in 1899. I know the dates of the births and deaths of all their kids (Ettie, Shmuel, and Shulim) who made it to the US.  But I have essentially no data on the two kids (Zalman-Hirsch - who died of TB at a sanatorium in the Carpathian mountains, and Mendel).  

Is there any way that you could recommend for me to gain more information about the family in Podhajce or their ancestors?
Thank you,
Dan Greenspan

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