New AGAD Data and Links Added to the JRI-Poland Database


Just wanted to be sure everyone saw this notice which includes the addition of some new data from Podhajce. Thanks to everyone whose contributions to JRI-Poland made this possible. Happy New Year to all my fellow Podhajce researchers. Jean Rosenbaum

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New AGAD Data and Links Added to the JRI-Poland Database Indices Placed Online

It is my pleasure to announce that data for 13 towns in Eastern Galicia indexed at the AGAD Archive have been added to the JRI-Poland online database as follows: B=births, M=marriages, D=deaths, (-) years are inclusive, (/) some years are missing - Boryslaw 1913 BMD - Drohobycz 1913 BMD - Gliniany 1893-1903, 1908-1913 B - Komarno 1877/1904 M; 1905, 1908-12 D - Narajow 1895-1910 B - Podhajce 1906-08 B; 1906, 1910 M - Przemyslany 1910-1913 M - Sambor 1906-1909, 1911-1912 B - Sokal 1906-1911 B; 1906-1913 D - Sokolowka 1913 B - Szczerzec 1906-1912 BD - Zablotow 1908-1911 B; 1896-1912 M; 1893-1906 D - Zolkiew 1862-1876, 1906-1907, 1909-1910 B; 1805/1871, 1906-11 M Indices Available to be Placed Online ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JRI-Poland has also indexed records at the AGAD Archive that are not yet online. Our practice is that these record indices are placed online once the cost of indexing these records has been raised. Records for the following towns can use your help to make them available online. Links from AGAD Indices to Online Images ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Database Manager Michael Tobias has now linked all the AGAD Archive index entries up through Signature 3006 to the approximate webpage of images containing that record. The link ("View Nearby Image" in the left hand column of the search results webpage) should be within a few webpages of the correct image. Researchers will need to move forward and backwards based on the year and AKT number they want to view. Many of the AGAD records up through 1911 now have online images. Our linking team under the supervision of Howard Fink is working to link index entries to the EXACT webpage of images. For these towns, the link on the left hand column will read "View Image." The index entries for Bursztyn and Stanislawow have now been linked to the EXACT image page. My thanks to all the generous town project supporters and town leaders who make the addition of this data possible and to the considerable efforts of volunteers such as Hadassah Lipsius, Steve Zedeck, Howard Fink, Michael Tobias, and Stanley Diamond. Again, please consider contributing to the indexing of the records for your town.

Donations may be made online at
It is the generosity of JRI-Poland supporters who recognize the key role that their donations have to help preserve the records of their ancestors that make JRI-Poland successful.

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