Chana Wittes Buchwald Podhajce

daniel greenspan

I was searching for my great grandmother (Chana Buchwald) online and saw an email to this conversation group from "Deb" "Idyslpr46@, from Feb 2013, in which she mentioned that she was going to travel to Podhajce to look into her grandfather Samuel's heritage, and that his mother's name was Chana Buchwald (and that her husband's last name was "Weittes"). Chana's husband's name was Aaron Wittes (he was a grain merchant and had a mill in Podhajce) and their children had her last name as they had had a Jewish Wedding, which was not recognized by the authorities - thus the kids were considered illegitimate. My grandmother Ester Buchwald was Samuel's sister.  Samuel (my great uncle Sam) was brought over to the U.S. and worked in my grandparents kosher restaurant in Jersey City for a while. I believe that Samuel had a son Stanley and a daughter Arlene. My Jewish name is Zalman-Hirsch. I'm named after Samuel's brother (who died in a Carpathian sanatorium of TB) and who was, in turn, named after Chana's father Zalman-Hirsch. How can I contact Deb.  I'm sorry if I've sent out more than one version of this, but I just joined the conversation group and I'm not quite up yet on how best to use it.
Dan Greenspan

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