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The information is basically for Jewish research.  For others, I would suggest
Jean Rosenbaum

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Hi friends, I'm a little confuse. Are this group and these records only about Jewish families?
There are also  catholic or luteran records in here?
My english is not very good so maybe a can not understand very well.
Soraya Brixi thoni

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To Podhajce Researchers:
I would suggest making full use of the information found at
This website is maintained by our webmaster and fellow Podhajce researcher Jerome Schatten.
Please contact him at wlmailhtml:../../../undefined//compose?to=romers@... if you have any suggestion for additions to the site.
Once you have clicked on the website, look for the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
1.  Click on Yizkor Book.
2.  Click on Names in the Yizkor Book
3.  You will see a list of the names found in the book and the page numbers on which that name may
     be found in the translation provided.
Also on the same site:
1.  Click on Useful Websites
2.  Click on JewishGen Family Finder
3.  Click on Search the Database
4.  For Town, put in Pidhaytsi
     For Geographical Region, find Galicia and then click on Tarnopol Wojewodztwa.
     A list of Podhajce names being researched will appear.   Scroll down the list of names.
     Perhaps you will find someone else who is researching your family name of a
     variation of it.
A link to GesherGalicia is also found under Useful Websites.  To make full use of that website,
a nominal membership fee is required. Here the town spelling is Pidhaitsi
The link titled All Poland Search Engine takes you to  Here you may use Podhajce for the
town name.  New indices to be added next month include 1906-08 births and 1906,1910 marriages.
This will complete the posting of all Podhajce indices currently held by JRI-Poland.  If anyone wants to make a
contribution so they can obtain the Excel files of all those online indices, the qualifying contribution is
$75.  Instructions for contributing are at   Donors should be sure to apply
their contributions to “AGAD-PODHAJCE”.  Having the Excel files allows you to alphabetize them by
father’s last name and then by mother’s last name and thus make them more easily usable.
You might also want to consider researching at   Again, a fee is required for full access.
Well, no one said that genealogy is easy.
Jean Rosenbaum
Houston, TX

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