Re: May also need some guidance!

andrew raver

Hello Yahoo Group;

Here is where I am stuck and need assistance.

I was using the "The All Galicia Database // Gesher Galicia" website which is very helpful - for all new members - check it out.

I found this record of my ancestor - Aron Moses Rawer.... Now I see his parent's name Getzel Rawer and Ginendel.

How I can find more records of them?
Appreciate any help you can provide...

Aron Moses [no surname]

son of Getzel RAWER & Ginendel

Date of Birth: 1-Jan-1851

Year of Registration of Birth: 1851

Sex: M

Town of Record: Brzeżany (now Berezhany, Ternopil’s’ka oblast, Ukraine)

House Number: 90

Godparent #1 - Given Name: Feibisch

Godparent #1 - Surname: HALPERN

Godparent #1 - Occupation or Title: Sandak

This record comes from the Brzeżany Jewish Births (1846-1864) database, page 34L, AKT number 8. The original records are held in The Central State

Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv and were added to this search engine on 1 August 2013. An image of this record can also be viewed on

FamilySearch/LDS microfilm #2405309, item #21. The Gesher Galicia unique record ID is GG-Brzezany-Births-655.



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