Beckersdorf - Could you help me please?


 I live in Brazil and I'm looking for my grand grand parents who immigrate to Brazil in 1995.
I have some informations that told me that they can come from Bekersdorf or Backersdorf, at that time it was part of Austrien Galizien but now it's seems to be part of Ucraine. I have only the german names but maybe because that were changed.
Their names are:
1. grand grand grand parents :
Bernard Toni/Thoni, married with Maria Schreier/Szrajia
2. Grand grand parents:
Johann Toni/thoni (born maybe in 1870) married with Catharina Ruprich, born in 8 march 1877 (father: Peter Ruprich married with Maria Krusch/Kruschenerch or something like that).
(These ones have immigrated to Brazil maybe in 1894/1894)
I've already found a map from this city (attached) but I coudn't found family records about it.
I'd really like to know if someone can help me with this records. At family search is impossíble to me to read because of the language, so, please if someone can tell about some places to search I'll thank you a lot.
Soraya Toni
Brasilia-DF, Brazil

[*Note from moderator:  Beckersdorf was a German village founded in the late 18th century and settled by Palatine Catholics and was located in eastern Galicia, today the western Ukraine. In 1939, all the German inhabitants of eastern Galicia, including the inhabitants of Beckersdorf, were resettled in Germany. Beckersdorf was near the town of Podhajce (in Ukrainian: Pidhaytsi), which is a short distance southwest of the city of Tarnapol (in Ukrainian: Ternopil). Beckersdorf now has the Ukrainian name Yustynivka. Good luck on your research! ]

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