Has anyone found military records for Pidhajcers in the Austro Hungarian army???


Has anyone found info on those Pidhajcers that were in the Austro-Hungarian army?
My grandpa was in the Austro-Hungarian army from 1895-1900.
The army files might be in Warsaw, Tarnopil or Lviv...

Is there an online database somewhere?

Any info appreciated for:

Izaak (Jakob) Kellner
born 1876


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First, welcome to the group. 

Second, the journey you are starting can be both enthralling and exasperating.  Know going in that you will make wrong turns and hit dead ends, but don't let the frustration(s) deter you.  It took me more than 15 years of on-again off-again searching to find the ship record of my paternal great-grandfather coming to the States (all because of a different spelling of the family name that wasn't picked up by soundex); but, oh, the excitement and elation when I found it!  It was as though I had cracked the code.

Third, Donald's suggestions are all spot on.  That said, if you know and are willing to share specific info, we might be able to help you focus your search.  For example, if any of your grandparents' children were born here, the birth certificates usually include the birthplace of the parents (which is how I found the town from which my paternal great-grandfather came).  Also, if you know whether you grandparents arrived before or after 1892, we can direct you to the websites of either Castle Garden or Ellis Island.  Of course, if you don't want to share the info with the whole group, feel free to respond to me directly.

Good luck!

Jon Brooks 

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Thanks, Donald...I appreciate the advice and guidance.

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Just a few thoughts,

1. Jewish Genealogy takes time--be patient.
2. Some records from Podhajce do exist( fortunately the nazis didn't destroy them all).
3. Talk to cousins who may have heard something from their parents.
4. Join Jewish Gen
5. Consider getting your DNA tested. You may end up finding cousins that may help you.
6. Research Stevemorse.org

Good luck,

Donald Riger

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I am at the very beginning of my efforts to research my family origins in Podhajce. 

How  do I even know about Podhajce? Well, two reasons: (1) before he died, my father told me that his father had come from (phonetically) "puhd-AY-itz", and (2) my grandfather and grandmother (who came to the US in the 1900-1910 period, already married with 3 young kids) are buried in one of the Podhajce landsmanschaft cemetery areas at Mt Zion Cemetery in Queens, NY. 

I have my grandfather's US immigration and naturalization papers, including the name of the ship he came over on, but before Ellis Island, it's all a big blank. (Well, not entirely....family lore has it that he bore his father's first name because his dad was killed - by a kick from a horse - before he was even born...hence Shlomo ben Shlomo.) From various documents, I've got his stated birth date (and presumably a good start on his father's date of death.) Also, the approximate ages of their children (from US census data). Given the birth date of their eldest child, that would also help narrow down the date of my grandparents' marriage. I have ZERO background - other than a maiden name - for my grandmother, but would it be unreasonable to assume that she came from someplace nearby?

I would love to learn more about the family's origins in Podhajce. Can anyone advise me on how best to get started?   

Many thanks,

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