Re: Ukrainian American accused of Pidhaitsi war crimes


Of course the article should have mentioned Jews but unfortunately there is no evidence that Karkoc is tied to the murder of Jews. But I agree with you that he was most likely guilty of this crime. He was not a Pidhaitser (once he enlisted, he was stationed there). 

Because this is a criminal investigation, its important to have the journalist cannot accuse Karkoc of participating in the Shoah. But there is evidence he killed Christians and that is good enough for me. I hope his citizenship is revoked.

Its good to point out that we see a trickle of Ukrainian fascists being prosecuted because they are not covered by the amnesty laws that protect most medium/low level German war criminals. Low level German officers who participated in killing 1000s, even 10,000s of people got away with short prison sentences or even no punishment at all. But those who lied on their way to the West still can. 

Just a clarification. The Warsaw Uprising that Karkoc was involved in was the latter one, the (mostly Catholic) Polish rebellion that saw the destruction of the entire city, the victims were mostly Catholic Poles. The Jewish uprising took place earlier and concentrated around the Jewish neighborhood, which is why the author doesn't mention Jews. 

The current war in east Ukraine is clear evidence that the Ukrainians are still struggling with their fascist past. The Ukrainian Right is currently popular in west Ukraine, and they have played a troubling role in Maidan and now, in the new gov't...not sure Washington knows who there dealing with, the US is trying to soften their intentions.

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I'm sorry, but I must still disagree with you about the 'significance' of this article. 

Just because the article starts recounting the events starting in 1943, that doesn't allow the author to escape prior history -- the history of the Jews in Podhajce who were all but eliminated prior to 1943. Indeed, you can bet that the same swine who were complicit in 1943 were complicit in 1941 and 1942 as well.  Without historical context, this published narrative is simply a story about the Nazi who lives next door.

It would not have take much for the author to have provided some additional context around these events. I find the lack thereof to be purposefully offensive.  To me the article is yet another example of the sanitizing of history; not for what it says, but for what it fails to say.  Specifically, substituting the word 'citizen' for the word 'Jew' regarding the Warsaw 'uprising', seems a throwback to Soviet times.

I am not unfamiliar with the large number of Ukrainians awarded the title of 'Righteous' by Yad Vashem; or by the expressions of sorrow proffered by locals to visitors; or those who had actively put their own lives at risk helping Jews during their darkest days. Indeed I am cautiously optimistic that things are improving, especially as regards the attitudes of the young.

It is not surprising to me that Nazis still live among us and that locals aided them; I would argue that this is not the 'significance' of the article. The significance is in the article's thinly veiled attempt to rewrite history.

With respect,
Jerome Schatten

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