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How do we find out who is buried in the cemetery?

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I wrote to Mark Halpern (the head of the Jewish Records Indexing project) about the status of Podhajce records.  His reply is shown below.  For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Mark at mark@...
Jean Rosenbaum
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Hi Jean:
We indexed the 1906-10 death records as a teaser to catalyze contributions. Also available are 1906-08B and 1906,10M as well as Index pages for 1902-04,06-10B, 1903-10M, 1905-08D. Some of the index pages are duplicates of the records. We need to raise $100 to index the B and M records and maybe another $100 to do the needed Index pages of missing BM and D.
Can you raise this amount?
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