Some Podahjce research material

Jean Rosenbaum <mervinr@...>

I am doing some serious down-sizing and have several files of reseach material
that I no longer need. If anyone (in the U.S.) would like to have any particular file, just send me your snail mail address, and I'll get it off to you.

Available files:

1. Immigrant ship information, including ships sailing from the ports of
Bremen and Hamburg. Also included is doing research on records from Castle
Garden and Ellis Island.
2. Tips on getting translations into English. Includes guides on doing translations from both Russian and Polish documents.
3. Some general information on Ukraine plus tips on doing research there.
4. Sefer Ha-prenumerantn. This is in Hebrew and Yiddish. It was the
custom among Jewish writers of the past few hundred years to obtain
assistance in publishing their work by soliciting advance funds from
potential customers. I have identified the books for which advanced funds
came from residents of Podhajce, but I have not tried to translate the
names of the people who made the contributions.
5. A list of voters for Parliament from Podhajce from the year 1870. (Very difficult to read script.)

Jean Rosenbaum

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