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Binnie Yeates

Dear Georgia,
Thank you so much for your reply - it's really helpful. Maybe I should think about going to Zborow instead, and hire a car or something, to go and visit Podhajce.
Best wishes,

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Hello Binnie,
You need to do a lot of research and hire a guide before you consider going anywhere in the area. A cousin went in the winter--a bad idea--and found once he arrived in Monasteryska that there was one bus a day--the one he had arrived on--and no hotel. JewishGen has had discussions about travel in the past that you might want to check out.

--- In podhajce@..., Binnie Yeates wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm wondering if anyone has experience of visiting Podhajce (and Zborow at the
> same time). I'd love to do that, but have no idea what sort of place it is -
> e.g. are there places to stay, and any public transport between the two towns. I
> don't even know how to get there, from wherever the nearest airport is.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks in advance,
> Binnie Yeates UK
> Researching: SHAPIRO (Podhajce) BRAND, later SHAPIRO (Zborow)

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