A bit of family history

Binnie Yeates

My grandfather, Laizer Shapiro, was born, I believe, in Podhajce, in about
1880. I know almost nothing about his family, except that there were 2 more
brothers and a sister - his father owned (or ran?) an orchard, but went blind,
and as all his siblings had left home, my grandfather was left to look after his
father. I know nothing at all about his mother. Eventually, he somehow heard of
a prospective bride in Zborow, Dwojra Leah Brand, daughter of Rabbi Meir Brand,
and left Podhajce to marry her in about 1902 /3. When she became pregnant, they
decided that the best option for their future was in England (they had too
little money to get to the US), so Laizer left in about 1903, arrived in
England, found a room for them, learned to be a tailor's

presser, and sent for his wife and baby daughter, Chana (Annie), my mother, who
arrived here at the end of 1904 or beginning of 1905. I would dearly love to
know more about Podhajce, Zborow, and my grandfather's siblings.

Binnie Yeates UK

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