Re: Group Leader for Podhajce

jerome schatten

Dear Podhajzers...

I want to thank Jean for her years of faithful service as 'Group Leader'
for our little band of Podhajce researchers! She was very helpful to me
when I first started researching my Podhajce roots.

Jean started the Shtetlinks page for Podhajce at JewishGen, and oversaw
the entire translation project for the Podhajce Yizkor book. She
singlehandedly ran the first incarnation of the Podhajce discussion
group as a private email list.

Several years ago, when she was looking for someone to manage the
Podhajce website, I volunteered to do the technical stuff. I still
maintain it. When Jean decided to move the Podhajce discussion group
from a private list to a Yahoo group, I took care of the mechanics of
that. My participation has been mainly technical, and I am willing to
continue in that function.

What exactly then, does the leader do?

First: you are the 'point person' usually the first point of contact for
folks outside this group seeking information. Most often, that's just
helping someone get started as a list member, or explaining what we do,
or responding to someone providing us with materials.

Second: she/he needs to have an abiding interest in helping others --
scanning the horizons of the Internet and other resources for materials
that would be of interest to those conducting genealogical/historical
research in the Podhajce area. You don't have to be a wizard -- this is
a acquired skill and it is a fun game -- you will enjoy it! I will work
with you if you like. As Leader, you also decide, with the group, what
projects to undertake and how to resource them.

Third: you are the co-moderator of this list. This means that you (and
I) are alerted if there are any messages pending, and if there are, you
either approve them (send them on their way) or not. There has been only
one case that I remember that we rejected a message, so it's not a big
deal. There is very little involved in the moderation activity. You and
I will do it together. Whoever gets to the message first does the
moderation -- I will work with you.

That's about it -- The necessary functions: keeping the traffic flowing
and answering emails, usually takes less than an hour a week spread over
the week.

How much time you spend looking for materials is up to you -- this is a
hobby. Sometimes months can go by and not much new surfaces -- sometimes
we dig up a trove, and so we work together on sharing that with the

The main pre-requisite for 'group leader' is a bit of enthusiasm for the
task. Jean has worked hard to cobble together what we have so far
accomplished. Let's not let her work just stagnate -- we need to keep
the momentum going -- so how about someone stepping forward?


On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 14:39 +0000, rosenbaumjean80 wrote:

As you may remember, I submitted my resignation as group leader for
Podhajce. No one has responded to my request for a replacement. At the
very least, we need someone to serve as co-moderator with Jerome
Schatten of the Yahoo Podhajce group. I hope that all Podhajce
researchers will post their findings on the Yahoo site. Also, don't
forget to send items to be added to the Podhajce website at to Jerome at romers@...

It has been a real pleasure to get to know many of you through our
correspondence over the years and to see the Podhajce website grow in
meaningful content.

Jean Rosenbaum
Houston, TX

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