PL/I(F) and MVS 3.8j

Discover and use a dinosaur programming language! Beside its huge potential still actual today, it allows to look behind the scenes. It is a very efficient tool for explaining not only the history but also the inside of a programming language and its compiling.

The purpose of this group comprises from publishing short articles (optionally with attachments of source code and test output) to subject specific discussions, questions, and answers. I recommend the usage of Jürgen Winkelmann's TK4- distribution which has its origins in TurnKey MVS, created by Volker Bandke. Please refer to the Turnkey-MVS group at .

PL/I deserves much more attention than it has today. The group's name does not impose restrictions concerning other and newer versions, or coming from other manufacturers than the one of PL/i(F). It will be interesting to compare with PL/I(F), and to point out strengths and weaknesses. The most important aim lies in making rediscover this programming language. It is mostly used in large companies and public or international organisations. Most of them will continue to maintain and use the hundred thousands of applications. It would be too expensive to replace them. A demand for good and experienced PL/I programmers sitll exists.

Finally it is the best vehicle to learn programming. Teachers will appreciate the flexibility of it's use, allowing to present all kinds of programming techniques. It is probably the only programming language which invites to write well readable, self documenting code, even understandable to people not knowing PL/I. Knowing well PL/I will allow to learn other programming languages more easily.

Recommended reading:
    GC28-8201-4 PL/I (F) Language Reference Manual 1974
    GC28-6594-7 PL/I (F) Programmer's Guide
after setting new standards:
    Visual Age
PL/I for OS/2: Language Reference, 1994 edition
Visual Age PL/I for OS/2: Programming Guide, 1994 edition
today's state of the art:
    Enterprise PL/I for z/Os
Language Reference
    Enterprise PL/I for z/Os
Programming Guide

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