Re: Le Ceiba Evening/Alida

ManicMolly <manicmolly@...>

George lays aside his work and listens to Cygni.  McDonald, who is standing nearby also listens.

"The Spaniards may not ken that they are free, wot with fighten the fires." McDonald looks back towards the glow.  "But sure as Hell they'll com a lookin fer em once they do ken.  If we sail afore they search us they'll be sure ta think we ave em aboard.  If they be aboard when they search us, they're sure ta find em.  Unless George can make em the size of mice or such."

George does not answer McDonald he seems to mull it over for a minute.  "Kiniun inu omi  is right. Dey cannot be on deh ship when the elede come to search.  How many be dey?" He asks Cygni softly. 

"Six or seven, I think...depends on how many make it."  Cygni shrugged.  "They can'na leave openly, do ye think we could hide them as cargo?"  If there was a way to store them under the ship...but then, breathing would be a problem.  "They're no' afraid tae do what they must..."


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