Re: Le Ceiba Evening/Alida

ManicMolly <manicmolly@...>

Spying George near the bow, Abraham beckons to Cygni to follow him and
approaches George. "George, a word if we may. I know that you can do
things that I honestly do not understand, and we have need of unusual
methods this evening." He looks at Cygni expectantly, waiting for her
to speak.
"Can ye help?" she asked, hoping that George could come up with something useful. "There's men, old crew I've sailed wi' who are tryin' to escape...I think they have somethin' tae do wi' th' fires. Cap'n knows they're tryin' tae get to th' Alida, but gettin' away wi'out bein' searched an' caught..?" If not George, maybe Filippe would have some advice.

OOC: I can't remember if the crew knows Cygni as Cygni or Mary. I'm
thinking Cygni, but I'm not sure.
I would think that they would know that she is playing a dual role, and when she is 'dressed up' she is Mary.

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