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Shaking his head, Abraham says, "I don't know know,
Mary. I know he's gifted with some knowledge of
but something like what you're describing - we could ask
him, I suppose."

Once they board the Alida, Abraham approaches
McDonald and says quietly, "Pass the word along to be
extra watchful. The 'scallywags' are probably not
their way here tonight, but they may be joining us

On the deck, Cygni debated changing into more practical
clothes...the dress would make it hard to act if she had to, and
really wasn't comfortable in it. But if 'Mary' was needed, she
to put on the appearance. Sighing, she opted to stay in the dress
as she leaned on the railing, gazing out at the fires in the city,
wondering what was happening to her old crew mates.

George is forward, near the bowsprit. He appears to be carving a
length of stick into a flute; pausing periodically from the knife work
to blow into the flute and test a note. He is sitting cross legged
looking out to sea. He seems to be oblivious to the events ashore.

McDonald calls a few of the crew together and has a brief, whispered
conversation. The group breaks up and goes about their business in a
relaxed manner. a few minutes later they begin to slowly and
surreptitiously load the guns. The starboard guns, which face the
docks, are loaded with assorted shot and pistol balls. The port guns,
facing the sea, are loaded with regular shot. The entire process is
done quietly with the movements of the men seemingly random and casual
to any observer.

Spying George near the bow, Abraham beckons to Cygni to follow him and
approaches George. "George, a word if we may. I know that you can do
things that I honestly do not understand, and we have need of unusual
methods this evening." He looks at Cygni expectantly, waiting for her
to speak.

OOC: I can't remember if the crew knows Cygni as Cygni or Mary. I'm
thinking Cygni, but I'm not sure.

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