Le Ceiba Evening/Alida

ManicMolly <manicmolly@...>

> Making haste, Abraham steers Cygni back to where the Alida is moored.  "I pray this fire will not threaten the Alida," he says in a normal tone as he escorts his companion back.

Cygni shrugged.  "If needs be, we c'n get 'er to th' bay."  So far, though, it didn't look like a problem.

> As Abraham and Cygni approach Alida McDonald's voice, coming from some shadows on the main deck, calls out. "Ahoy Miss McKay! What be the fuss ashore t'night?"

"Seems there's a fire," Cygni commented, "an' some scallywags escaped an' are runnin' free."  She gathered her skirts as she walked up the gangway and onto the deck, then turned to look at Abraham.  "What sort of magic does George have?  Do ye think he c'n make th' harbor master see what he wants?"

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