Re: Le Ceiba Evening


"Get me to th' ship," she whispered to Abraham, "Ive
somethin' tae tell

There are a lot of people out on the streets. Many are carrying buckets and almost all of them are headed in the direction of the fire. Some look grim and determined to battle this threat to their homes. Others, perhaps with less to lose, seem excited at the prospect of a break in the monotony of their daily existence.
There is a notable absence of soldiers or guards in the streets.

No one approaches Cygni and Abraham on their way to the ship.

Making haste, Abraham steers Cygni back to where the Alida is moored.  "I pray this fire will not threaten the Alida," he says in a normal tone as he escorts his companion back.

The glow in the sky is a long way from the docks, so unless the blaze spreads through a large portion of Le Ceiba it seems unlikely to threaten Alida.

The docks are deserted and the only lights along the water front are from the oil lamp by Alida's gang plank and a dim glow coming up from Alida's galley way.

As Abraham and Cygni approach Alida McDonald's voice, coming from some shadows on the main deck, calls out. "Ahoy Miss McKay! What be the fuss ashore t'night?"

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