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About half the guests seem to be intent on leaving
immediately. Possibly because of the fire.
Others are still mingling and partaking of the Don's
hospitality. Most of the servants remain, fetching
drinks or food as required. Many of the guards seem to
have disappeared, though some remain.

Vanderberg asks a servant, very politely for some music, and
offers his arm to the lady he escorted. They will take a
turn and return to their conversation.

He will trust his First Mate to look after Alida.
The musicians, and the food and drink, are still in the reception
hall. A few of the guests who had not accompanied the Don to see the
'Collection' remain. Many have already left. The hold overs, combined
with those that return from viewing the collection, make up a dozen or

The music resumes and several couples will join Vanderberg and company
on the dance floor.

The Kaptain enjoys the use of his healed leg, and silently thanks Legbe.
He hadn't danced with a lady since the Barbary pirates attacked his ship
years ago. He frets for his ship, but judges it more prudent to remain
under the eyes of the Don's men. A City fire is a grim thing and it
would not do to have the inhabitant's turn suspicious eyes on Alida.

In such intimate company, the remaining guests can become well
acquainted. Vanderberg turns on the charm. Regaling them with a tale of
Musselmann pirates off the North African coast. If that whets their
appitite, he spins a yarn of the Wendigo...

He keeps a weather eye out for Arabella and Grayson.

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