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"Of course," Abraham says gallantly. With Cygni on his arm, Abraham
steers her towards Vanderberg.

"Captain, Miss McKay feels ill, and I'm going to escort her back to
the Alida. Please give our apologies to the Don." With this, Abraham
heads for the exit with Cygni.
"Thank you," Cygni murmured to Abraham, offering a weak smile. She knew she could count on her old friend, and she hoped he would stick with her if things got rough.

On the landing outside a group has gathered with the Don. They are all
looking in the same direction. To the southwest is a ruddy glow in the
sky above the buildings. Clearly there is a large fire.
Someone in the crowd murmurs something about the "Cavalry stables."
Ah, so a Cygni gave a slight nod of approval, then murmured, "I do hope they got the horses out..." But she was really wondering what the prisoners were planning, she would have preferred having some idea of what to expect.

A soldier hurries up to the Don and salutes.
"All available men are forming bucket brigades and the citizens are
turning out to assist. The horses are out, but many are running loose
through the streets. They are trying to keep the fire from spreading to
the barns and the fodder."

The Don nods, "Very well, I shall be along shortly." Turning to the
guests he says "I apologize my friends, but our evening is cut short."
He bows abruptly and without waiting for any words from the guests,
takes his aides and hurries off.

The Kaptain is very solicitous of Miss McKay, and bids her to return to
the party if she is able.

He bows to the Don at his words. Murmering his thanks.

Is the party breaking up?
"Get me to th' ship," she whispered to Abraham, "Ive somethin' tae tell ye..."

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