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Welcome to the new non-factory support web site for the Pipistrel Aircraft.

Pipistrel aircraft have proven themselves over tens-of-thousands of hours, all over the globe and the idea of this support web site is to promote Pipistrel aircraft and provide a forum for owners and interested people to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at these fantastic aircraft.

Suggested guidelines for the group are….

• Write short and where possible keep it to the point.
• Use discretion or good judgment when posting try to keep flaming to a minimum.
• Post material and suggestions which can be useful to the group, personalization or modifications to the aircraft are most welcome.
• If there is something you don’t like please email me direct at pipistrel@groups.io
• Encourage other owners to join, the more who contribute the more depth and resources our group will have.

NOTICE: Information written on this site can be anonymous and from any unproven source. Some of the contributors may or may not have experience about the subject being talked about. Nobody on this site is representing Pipistrel the manufacturer, Pipistrel USA or any Pipistrel Distributors, dealers or agents in any way, either officially or unofficially.
All information supplied or expressed is not warranted as accurate and should not be followed unless it is confirmed by the Pipistrel factory as appropriate for the specific serial number and registration category of your Pipistrel aircraft. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. The contact details for Pipistrel are available through your local dealer or service centre applicable to your country.

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