Pinelands Orchid Society Meeting - April 3, 2018

Rosanne Nunez

Pinelands Orchid Society members:


The monthly meeting of the Pinelands Orchid Society will be held on Tuesday, April 3, at the Premier Cadbury, Oak Room.  The Program for the evening will be about Repotting Your Orchids with Beth Davis - Part 2.


Our business meeting will focus on the selection of a Nomination Committee for Officers and Trustees for the 2018-2019 Society year.  In preparation for our meeting, it is a good time for the membership to review our Society’s Bylaws which are attached to this memorandum. 


As stated in the Bylaws, “A Nomination Committee will be appointed by the President at the March meeting” and “Nominations for all Officers and elected Trustees will be presented by the Nomination Committee at the May meeting.”  Since we did not hold a meeting in March, a Nomination Committee must be appointed by the President during our April meeting.  


The Bylaws state that “All Officers shall be elected annually by the members” and “A President may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms” and “The Trustees shall consist of the current Officers, immediate past President, and two elected persons serving two-year terms expiring on alternate years.”


The current Officers:


President                                 Mike Dunigan        (2-year term ending June 2018)

Vice President                         Rosanne Nunez     (2-year term ending June 2018)

Secretary/Treasurer                Mike Horn              (1 year term ending June 2018)


The current Trustees:


Rosanne Nunez                       As past President, term ending June 2018)

Sherron Davis                          2-year term ending in June 2018

Elishia Dallman                       2-year term ending in June 2018



This year, the Nomination Committee will have the task of selecting persons to serve as next year’s President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two persons to serve as Trustees.


As per the Bylaws, “Nominations for all Officers and elected Trustees will be presented by the Nomination Committee at the May meeting.  Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Upon close of nominations, elections will be held at this meeting.  The new President sits with the outgoing President and all records are passed at the June meeting.”


Pinelands Orchid Society members:  Please consider serving your Society this April as a member of the Nomination Committee. Timely elections will ensure that our Society continues to exist and thrive in the coming years!  For those members who are nominated for next year’s Officers and Trustees, it is good to remember the old adage “many hands make for light work.”  


We look forward to seeing everyone on April 3rd!

Pinelands Orchid Society - April 3, 2018 Meeting
- Tuesday, April 3, 2018
- Premier Cadbury at Cherry Hill - Oak Room (Ground Floor)
(About 1/4 mile east of Cherry Hill Mall)

-Please submit your Show Table Plants by 7:00 p.m.
-Show Table Awards Team - TBA
-If your last name begins with M through W, please bring a snack or dessert to share.
-POS will provide hot and cold beverages.
-We Welcome donation plants for the Raffle Table (non-orchid plants also accepted.) 

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