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Bayard Saraduke

Hi Marie and All,
I have many plants for the auction!
A Saturday or Sunday in June is fine with me.
Sorry to those who might not have appreciated my strong language.
I think I’m getting to that age when I feel entitled to speak my mind. I could have used an acronym and everyone would have gotten my meaning.

On Feb 6, 2021, at 11:24 AM, Tom Gilman via <tcgilman@...> wrote:

1. I agree that we should carry on as usual, with or without guests, unless you were trying to keep something secret from other groups.  However, we probably have members of the other groups that belong to POS already.
2. I agree with delaying the auction until June.  June 1 (first Tuesday) or June 22 (about longest day of the year).  If we delay too long, some people with summer homes might be away.
5. I would prefer to avoid Saturdays in June, because my sailing club has races on Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  That would tie me up from about 9 AM to about 2 PM, unless the weather was lousy.  Later in the afternoon would still work for me.  Would a Sunday afternoon work, too?  I think some clubs meet on Sunday afternoons.  We would need to avoid a scheduling conflict with other groups and the Flower Show.
Thanks for keeping POS together and moving forward.
Tom Gilman
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Entirely too many emails posted to read them all, and I had an emergency- more accurately, what I call a, “Fun emergency.” The snow was perfect and my toboggan hasn’t been out of the garage for 3 years! So, now I'm back in front of the computer- and with all limbs still attached!

So, turns out that I had overestimated Kathleen. I thought, " It's just idiotic, not to mention arrogant, to join a meeting as a guest, and presume to tell everyone that they are doing things wrong." She must be writing facetiously.  Apparently I was wrong.

Since she came from Sandpiper OS, I questioned Lester, the Pres., and he replied, "Kathleen is a handful. She joined our group last year and has only been to one meeting. She told me she joined your group!  She criticizes everything but has never offered to help." So, I gave him well-deserved grief for sic’ing her on us.

Well, as Elton John says, about another mental case, “Shame how one insect can damage so much grain.”

Anyway, now that the insect is blocked, the flurry of emails is over, and it’s safe to go back in the water, we have bigger fish to fry. So with that juxtaposition of metaphors, let's go:

1. A suggestion was made, privately, that we suspend club business when we have guests. Over the years, every one of the 20+ clubs I've been either a member of, or a guest lecturer at, has conducted their meetings the same way we do- business first. Since we never know when we will have a guest, when could we plan to do our business? And if we don’t do any business, when a potential member/guest joins us, he/she will get the wrong impression that we never accomplish anything. So I can’t see changing the universal format.

2. I believe I have written that I like Roseanne’s suggestion of moving the auction to June. Of course, the Bylaws state that I am supposed to present the year-end wrap-up in June, so I hope I don’t go to jail for this, but let’s do it. Mark your calendars and start selecting donations to make room, so you can purchase more, there.

(Ernie would be wise to start attending the meetings since, in his absence, we have requisitioned his yard for the auction. I hope he doesn’t object. Anybody want to tell (ask) him?)

3. Anyone have an alternative site suggestion- just in case? If we could hold it in a public park, we'd get some passersby, but it would take more volunteers to control.

4. Since the weather can be a problem- either burning sun or rain, does anyone own, or have a connection to borrow, a pop-up tent for the occasion? We could rent, but it will cut into our profits, which we don't want to do now that we don’t have the raffle, and fewer people are renewing this year because of Zoom.

5. Since we most likely have to have the auction outside, should we start it earlier, or have it on a Saturday, since it usually runs until after dark? June does have the longest days but if we have a lot of donations/bids, it can run long.

6. Mike Horn is completely right about people being intimidated by Zoom. I have contacted nine Hawaiian growers to set up next month's tour, each of which has published invitations for people to visit their greenhouses, and some run daily tours, but everyone has said they don't use Zoom, or haven't figured it out, yet. So, we may have an alternative program next month. Bummer. I have 2 growers left. Let's hope.

Okay. That's enough for now. Any responses to any of these items can be sent privately, if you'd like.



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