Re: Last Night’s, 02/02/21, Pinelands Orchid Society Meeting

Bayard Saraduke

Hi Marie,

I totally support you as president of Pinelands Orchid Society.
Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if you told this troll to shut the fuck up and go away.
On the other hand, sometimes it’s best to say nothing...


On Feb 3, 2021, at 12:15 PM, Kathleen Spaeth <kathleenspaeth@...> wrote:

Dear Marie,

It is amazing to me how unprofessional, sarcastic, and rude that you are.

To publicly call Gov. Murphy names, in a Chat E-Mail, is libel! This opens your Orchid Society to libel too!! 

If you do not agree with his Social Distancing Directives, then ignore them yourself.  And then when someone innocent get sicks (with the Covid-19 virus) while attending your Auction, then your Orchid Society will be held liable for your complete disregard.  Is this what your Board of Directors condones? 

I am glad you find this amusing and funny! You are amazingly irresponsible and shockingly ignorant!! 

You will need more than your Membership dues to deal with the Lawsuit (that will come your way after the person gets infected with the Virus and dies).  But I guess you will be just too busy mocking and name calling? Let’s see who will be laughing then! 

Your sense of humor is warp and not one that I support! 

Best regards, 

Kathleen Spaeth

On Feb 3, 2021, at 11:51 AM, Marie Hageman via <mdhageman1@...> wrote:

Thank you, Kathleen Spaeth, for your kind words and hilarious email. Comedy is the best way to get through difficult times. Thanks for your part in that.
It was quite fortunate that the only time the speaker had forgotten about his commitment- or maybe did the time-change math wrong, was the only night we had problems with starting the Zoom-meeting! 

Once we got the alternative meeting going, and he got where he was supposed to be and connected with us, he was quite informative and entertaining. I got a lot of good feedback about him. We'll have to have him back again.

It was a productive meeting all around as we had good discussion on the usual club business. It is the time we have our upcoming auction discussion. Thanks, everyone for your input. I like the suggestion to move the auction back a month. Of course, the weather is always iffy, so no date will insure great weather, but it might help with opening things up a bit. Who knows with the idiot Gov, who shuts things down, then reopens them immediately before his daughter's wedding. Maybe we need to be politically connected. So, I will book a speaker for May, and I had left June open to see what the future would bring, so lets plan on the auction in June. Start thinking about your donations now. 

And- thank you to all members for continuing to support our club. The speakers fees are about $150., per month, so do the math. We can't make it without dues. Of course, this system has the potential for moochers, something the board will have to address, I think, but at least, most of us have integrity and share their resources with the club, making them a joy to have in our group.

John has already made changes so we don't have the Zoom issue we had last night, but as far as the speaker goes, other than my usual confirming with them the day before, I'm not sure what can be done on that end. I'll think about it.

We'll get through this, and with our sense of humor as an aid, the best way.

"See" you all next month for our Hawaii trip.Emoji

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 11:17:55 AM EST, Kathleen Spaeth <kathleenspaeth@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Last night, I followed the Zoom Link to hear Fred Clarke speak but I never got to hear him.  

The First Zoom Link did not work and I had to scramble to find the second Zoom link from Michael Horn’s E-Mail.

Then when I got onto the Second Zoom Link, Marie had not heard from Fred, she had to leave him a message to call her back, and I bet Fred had the same Zoom Link problems we all did.

While I appreciated the (catch up) chatter from 7:15-7:55 P.M., I must admit that I would have preferred to hear Fred speak (since that is what I signed in to hear)! 

Then my Comcast Service went out and I could not sign back on.  We sadly lost our Comcast Wi-Fi Service for the evening due to the high winds. 

So when did Fred get to join the meeting?

Perhaps the reason why there were not as many attendees is because they had trouble with the First Link (and gave up and moved on with their nightly plans)? I think this was all very confusing and it needs to be straightened out by your next Meeting! 

I also really dislike it when someone comes onto a group E-Mail and judges others by stating “I just wish more of our members would see value in these meetings.”

I bet your Members see value, but could not figure out how to access the second Zoom Link? Or perhaps they were like me, listening to 40 minutes of inane chatting and getting no Guest speaker status update, and a bit discouraged and frustrated.  

Perhaps the judgmental attitude, of painting your members in wide brush strokes, is why you are not attracting new members? 

I thought it was best if you rescheduled your Guest Speaker, the hour was getting late, but it sounds like Fred found his Zoom Link way and gave his Talk? 

Also there was some discussion, by some of your members to possibly hold an Orchid Sale Outside this Summer.  It came across to me, just listening to this chatter, that some of you are not taking the Social Distancing and No Gathering of unrelated People seriously!  

This is exactly why Gov. Murphy has instituted Social Gathering mandates and to hear that your Orchid Society wants to disregard them is very alarming and disconcerting! Especially when I could see, since most of you had your videos on, that you all seemed to be of the age group that if you caught the Covid-19 virus you could get very sick (have very lingering and painful side effects) and possibly die from it.  

I have been thinking of joining your Orchid Society, I have heard of you through my Sandpiper Orchid Society, but after last night I must decline.  I will not participate in an Orchid Society who doesn’t treat their members with respect and makes terrible comments about them (since they didn’t attend a Zoom Link Monthly Meeting).  

Nor will I join a Society that doesn’t take their Members, and the General Public’s, Health serious enough to make sure they do not hold Plant Sales (during a Covid-19 outbreak and who chortles at their Governor’s Social Gathering Advisories).  But some of these same Members are running off to get themselves Vaccinated as soon as the opportunity affords them!  This behavior is rather contradictory and disheartening to me!!   

For the Record, I also participate in all my Zoom Meetings, no matter who holds them, with just my name (on the black screen) and no video.  I do not want to use my video option and will not tolerate to be incessantly teased (nor bullied) like you did to one of your Members (who chose not to use the video option last night). 

I also like to keep my privacy, and unfortunately my mic is not working very well on my laptop, too.  

So perhaps some of you also need to learn Zoom Etiquette too? 

And realize that the Chat Function is available and should be read at your meetings.  

Best regards, 

Kathleen Spaeth

On Feb 3, 2021, at 9:38 AM, Bob and Sherron Davis via <chelsea6238@...> wrote:


Thanks again for setting up the ZOOM meeting yesterday.  Fred is an amazing grower and entertaining presenter. I just wish more of our members would see the value in these meetings.

Bob Davis  

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I’m having the same issue. 

On Feb 2, 2021, at 7:13 PM, Ron Ference <ronference09@...> wrote:

Marie, Clicking on Zoom meeting link only gives me a screen that says 'Waiting for host to start meeting'?????
On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 10:48 AM Marie Hageman via <> wrote:
Fred Clarke, of Sunset Valley Orchids, CA., will be presenting: "Catasetinae Species and their Cultivation."
No need to RSVP to this message. We don’t need a count. On Tues. evening, just click on the link to join...
In lieu of a show table, you are invited to have your bloomers handy to share with everyone.
 “See” you all soon.
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