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Mike Horn

Not sure that this is the best way to hammer this out but I will give it a go.  If you can set up a backup meeting for the same time and send out the information that way everyone would have it in advance and either plan to attend in person or by Cyber if the weather steps in.  I already set up 2 Zoom meetings at 7 and 7.50 PM for that night in case you were not able to provide your platform.  I sent the information to Marie to distribute if necessary.  There is no cost to Zoom if the meetings are 40 minutes or less and less than 100 participants. There is no cost if we do or do not use the platform, which is why I set it up.  I have no knowledge of your proposal, or cost.  I am hoping for good weather.

Since we are planning to proceed with the outdoor venue I was hoping for an earlier time than 7 PM.  I was hoping for 5.30 or 6 PM so that we had good light.  We should have adequate light until 8.30 PM.

For those coming the address is 107 Lippincott Ave., Riverton.  We are on the corner of Lippincott (surprise) and 2nd St., the northwest corner.  My recommendation would be to park on 2nd St. near the first driveway, as there is an entrance to the pool area right there.  If you are first, or there is room, pull into the driveway to allow others to park behind you.  Going north on 2nd St.  there is a white vinyl fence with a gate that will also get you in but you will be walking among my dahlias.  I should have some blooming and if you want to have the opportunity to see some varieties I would recommend checking this out.  I have about 150 hills with 30, or 40, varieties.  From that area there is another gate to the pool area on your left.  For those not wanting to come in contact with anyone at all there is a third entrance across the lawn on Lippincott Ave. I am mentally thinking that will be the area for the show table as we have a table that will hold a good number of your blooms, for those who want to share their success.



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Subject: Re: [pinelands] Future Meetings


Thanks to Mike and Bea offering to host us. I can attend on 8/4.


All the professional and hobby organizations I belong to lost their indoor meeting venues and now only gather online or outdoors. I believe  it's unwise, especially given the average age of Pinelands' membership, to return to indoor meetings until the pandemic is eventually controlled.


If the weather forces you to cancel on 8/4, I can host a virtual meeting instead.



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