Tues., August 4th., in-person meeting.

Marie Hageman

Greetings All,

Mike and Bea Horn have invited us to their yard for a pre-season/makeup-for-what-we-missed/reconnect-with-each-other meeting.

Tues., August 4th., 6 pm until… 

It’s not a dinner.  If you need to eat there, due to work schedule, or whatever, no problem. Bring whatever food and drinks you want with you.

I don’t suggest we bring food to share, as that would involve all of us touching serving utensils, etc.

I am asking our hosts not to provide food for the same reason.

If anyone really feels that they must bring something for sharing, please make it something along the order of cookies or cupcakes, or a similar item that doesn’t need to be scooped or spooned, or involve any serving utensils.

They will have water to fill your bottles/cups.

We can sit and chat with each other and reconnect with fellow members before we start with the rather-less-personal cyber meetings.

Come Sept 1st, the start of our regular year, we will have online meetings, as we have no options available for our regular in-person meetings.

Mike’s address is:

107 Lippincott Ave

Riverton, NJ 08077

Hope to see you all there.

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