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Valerie Oldham

We left the CH Fire hall because they told us we could no longer bring our own refreshments, we had to use their catering service and pay an additional fee.  They also stopped showing up to let us in.....

On 7/17/2020 10:54 AM, Kathleen Harvey via wrote:
After reviewing the string of comments, it seems joining the 2 clubs isn't feasible. With that in mind, the next issue is determining if there are venues that will accept our small groups for in person meetings. To me, personally, I enjoy the camaraderie and socializing of our groups, and seeing everyone's orchids each month. I have missed those occasions the last few months. 
Years ago, the Pinelands group met at the local fire hall on route 38. I wasn't part of the decision to leave that venue, and am unaware why we did that. Could we consider asking them to host us again?
Another thought is the cherry hill municipal building has a meeting room with a kitchen where another garden club met before covid. 
As for south Jersey, I thought Marie had another local church close to the one where we met this past year. Is that venue open to visitors?
If all else fails, we can meet virtually, but I prefer meeting in person. 

Warmest Regards,

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 10:42, Bob and Sherron Davis via
For the reasons you mentioned I really don't think the societies will merge. So that leaves us with our two separate groups. I also don't think with the way this pandemic is heading that there will be any in-person gatherings until there is a vaccine. Bob and I are happy to do zoom with whomever wants to do it just to hold us together. The declining membership the last several years, due to age attrition and lack of young members, has put us at a disadvantage. Then we are hit with this terrible pandemic. I'm not sure if we could just meet together via zoom ,thus eliminating driving, time, etc.  As a friend of mine has said to me, " There is a beginning and an end to everything" but I like to be more optimistic and hope that somehow we can still see our friends and their beautiful orchids. Sherron

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Good idea but slight problem. Everytime that we have had this discussion in the past, the stumbling blocks we ran into are day/time, and location.
“Merging” isn't really merging as so many members are in both societies and the few who are not have said that it's because of the day/time conflicts and/or distance. So the net result would be not really merging, but one club absorbing the other. At which point some members, who could not drive that far or make meetings at that particular time, would be left out, so the membership would really decrease. When offering the better church, up the street, as an option for our holiday dinner, several Pinelands’ members said, I’m not driving all the way down there.”
(Pinelands’ online Meetup group has 20 people interested, however IF any of them actually becomes a dues-paying member remains to be seen.)
Many members who have joined both societies have stated they enjoy the comradery of seeing everyone and the orchids, so they would lose half of that, with only one meeting to attend per month.
If it's only a temporary rejoining, both boards can agree to just pay half of the expenses, but if it's permanent we have the legal expense of dissolving one club and transferring funds. Since neither club is flush with cash, those fees may take all of one club’s balance, meaning that the other would not be gaining members nor money.
So the all-important question is, if we rejoined, when would our meeting time be? Do we cut out those who can't make Tuesday evening or Sunday afternoon? Or, would we maintain both clubs’ schedules, which, isn't really rejoining, and brings us back to the original problem of where can Pinelands meet?
We need clarity on what is really being proposed? First Tuesday meetings, third Sunday meetings, or both, or something else?

On Thursday, July 16, 2020, 08:01:11 PM EDT, John Rogan via <j.rogan131@...> wrote:

Thanks, Jeanne.
On 7/16/2020 7:16 AM, Gerald Giles wrote:
Good solution John, we should give it a try. Jeanne Giles

On Jul 15, 2020, at 10:59 PM, John Rogan via <j.rogan131@...> wrote:

Hi All,
I think it's about time for Pinelands and South Jersey to rejoin the societies, at least temporarily, while the covid virus is still a concern. We could at least try it, anyway. And since South Jersey meets at a church, and the churches (I think) are allowed to operate, we could use that facility for the combined meetings. Anyone else think this might work?
On 7/15/2020 5:27 PM, Marie Hageman via wrote:
Hello all,
Just in case you are not aware of it, there is a virus going around and, our meeting place is closed to us, and all outsiders, with no date for reopening.
This presents an issue as our new year is about to start. Our first meeting is Sept 1st. (As Memorial Day is the second Monday of the month this year, postponing our meeting until the second week is counterproductive.) I have booked a speaker several months ago.
We have two choices:
1. Find another location, if we are comfortable with having physical meetings, or,
2. Going cyber.
Both have advantages, and disadvantages, of course, and neither is perfect. Rather than just vote blindly on which way to go, we first need to see if there is another location that would work. It may not even be a possibility, no matter what the majority’s preference.
Our group is rather small, so the distancing-thing is not a problem, but we need a kitchen, or drink service, and many tables, not only for plants, but the projector as well, and some chairs. Mostly we need to consider the cost. We couldn’t hold our only fundraiser last May, and our membership is dwindling, while speaker fees are increasing. So, the $150- 200./night fee, which I was finding when searching for our Holiday- dinner location, is prohibitive.
So, if anyone has any connections, or suggestions, please first call them to verify that they will be open to us, and get the price, then forward the info to me, or post it here for discussion.
Let’s see what we can do to get the fun going, again.
Hope to see you all, soon.

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