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John DeGood

There's no need (yet) to pay for video conferencing. Google Meet is
free through at least September 30 to any individual with a Google
account, for up to 100 participants and no time limit.

I'd be happy to host the June meeting with Google Meet if you'd like.
We use it as well as Zoom at the college. They have very similar


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I just checked and it is $14.99 a month for mostly unlimited time. We could try the free and see how it goes before deciding whether to go with the other options.

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I would agree that it is easy to set up. Zoom has several levels of membership. The most common free level limits meetings to 40 minutes. This does not preclude having a series of meetings, one after another, but would mean signing in to another meeting and could be disruptive. That said, if someone has an account with Zoom there is no time limit. They would be the “host” and it would be on their says o that people got in to the meeting. I have most all the email addresses and I could send out the information. I suspect there would be some people referenced with old emails but it is doable.
I have a ROMEO group that used to meet at the Penn Queen Diner, weekly, on Monday mornings. We now meet on Zoom every Monday. At least 3 different people have been the “host”. I have not been, but it appears very easy to set up. The biggest issue for me is that I don’t need or have an account, so any meeting I would set up is limited to 40 minute segments.
Just my thoughts. I suspect there are a lot of people with orchids in bud or bloom.

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That's a great idea. Sherron and I have participated in several Zoom meetings with our other groups and they have all been successful. I'm sure there is someone in the group who can help us set it up. It would be nice to have a speaker join us, but it would still be good to see everyone and hear about their orchids. Let us know. Our daughter and son-in-law may be able to give us some advise.

Bob Davis

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As the State is reopening many businesses, senior residences are not among them, so our June meeting cannot happen as usual. We have options.
Sandpiper has gone to online meetings, via ZOOM, with success. If anyone has the computer expertise to set up our club with a Zoom account, I’m sure we can find a speaker to make June's meeting a virtual meeting.
Also, we can have a virtual show table. Post photos of your blooming orchids so we can all appreciate some beauty in these stressful times.
Thank you to all who make it happen.
Hope to see everyone on the other side.

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