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Joe Volpe

Hello Mike and Bea. Long time no see or hear from you but as these terrible times pass perhaps we can meet soon after. 

Was so glad to read your email and see the pics of one of my offspring. 
She looks good and healthy as far as I can see, you’re doing a great job, and color of plant is a perfect green. It is a happy plant. You will be happy to know not a thing is wrong with having one pseudo bulb bloom ahead of the other. The second sheaf is soon to follow and should produce the same size flowers. This seems to be the norm with her and I too have had blooms come without a sheaf. Just a note and this pertains to most of my plants.  If a sheaf appears on a younger or smaller pseudobulb I pinch it off, I know ouch, to give more energy to the mother plant. 
If I can manage to send pics of my Nancy Off with this note you will see almost an exact duplicate of your plant. She also is fragrant and is sitting currently in my kitchen where we spend most of our time to enjoy her. The first set of flowers have been out for about 2 weeks. 
Also, I’m sure, along with others in the club we would like to hear of other issues you may have with some other plants. We can all help each other along the way. 
Regards, Nancy
Just a note to the club’s secretary. I’m answering on Joe’s site and would love to get my name and email on your list. 

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On Saturday, April 4, 2020, Mike Horn <mdmd409@...> wrote:

Hi,  Since we are able to meet I will try to get some answers to some questions that I have with my orchids.  I have not sent out to the group before, don't know how, so I am trying to hitch onto the last group email I received. I hope someone has an answer or comment to the three pictures I will attach.
Some history:  I obtained the plant at a silent auction in Feb., 2019.  The plant is Cattleya Nancy Off 'Linwood".  It was donated by Nancy Volpe, so you know it was a well grown plant.  It went on to bloom for me in May, 2019 and a single pseudobulb produced two very large white flowers.  I now have, for the first time ever, two pseudobulbs in bud.  My question is that the two are so different.  As you will see the bud sheath on the left is large, and what I would call traditional.  The second bud is not in a sheath, appears farther along and the pseudobulb and leaf are considerable smaller than most of the other leaves.  Should I expect smaller blooms?  Is this a good thing happening or is the plant unhappy?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
If this works out I have some other plants with issues that could be shown if there is an interest.
Mike Horn

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Mystery Nobile Dendrobiums

The one with two flowers is still young, grown from a keiki.

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