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Mike Horn

Just to let everyone know I have Kathleen and John and many others on the list for tomorrow night.  I don’t want to have anyone disappointed because of an absence of supplies on hand.  If you are planning on coming please chime in (if you haven’t contacted me, or the group email network) so that everyone will be included.  The more the merrier and it’s not the food but the company.

Mike H



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Subject: Re: [pinelands] Speakers and Party


Hi, just confirming that John and I are on the list. Mike said in a previous email not to send him checks for the dinner, to pay on Tuesday. 

Mike confirmed that he received our membership renewal. 


Warmest Regards,
Kathleen Harvey



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Hello members,

We occasionally get requests for speakers from other area clubs. I just got another, which reminded me that there is no way for the public to know if they don't email.

 We should have a list with specific titles of your talks, contact info, and fees charged, on our web site, so folks don’t have to email us and wait for a response.

 If you do any talks, please forward that info to me so I can compile the list and add it to our site.


Also there is still room for members and guests to come out to our Holiday Party on Tues, Dec 3rd. If you haven't reserved, you can come anyway. If you'd like to receive the previously-mentioned surprise, you'll need to email us to let us know, so we can secure enough. Otherwise, just come and bring your cash or check for $20. (members) or $25 (guests) Members who have not renewed their membership for this year count as guests.)


See you Tuesday, 6pm.



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