Re: Our Annual Plant Auction

Bayard Saraduke

Here are Bayard’s plants:

1. Potinara Cutie Girl ‘Yoshiko’

2. Cattleya Horace ‘Maxima’

3. Trichopilia suavis

4. Calanthe Grouville ‘Madeline’

5. Blc. Dora Louise Capen ‘Lea’

6. Dendrobium cinnabarinum

7. Lycaste Chita Impulse ‘Waterford’

8. Blc. George King ‘Serendipity’ (Original Awarded Plant)

9. Blc. George King ‘Serendipity’ (Original Plant)

10. Habenaria Kaokeri ‘Waterford’ (formerly Habenaria Regnieri)

11. Cymbidium Milton Carpenter ‘Everglades Gold’

12. Cattleya trianae ‘Cashen’s’ (clone)

13. Habenaria rhodocheila (Orange form)

14. Blc. Ruth Gee ‘Diamond Jubilee’

15. Laelia perrinii

16. Renanthera Bill Crocker ‘Nancy’

17. Dendrobium kingianum

18. Paphiopedilum Chou-Yi Yuki

19. Cattleya Mary Lyn McKenzie ‘Nature’s Masterpiece’ (Original Plant)

20. Cattleya gaskelliana ‘Waterford’

21. Blc. Goldenzelle ‘Lemon Chiffon’ (Original Plant)

22. Slc. Misty Girl ‘Royal Queen’ (Original Awarded Plant)

23. Potinara Brighton’s Bobbie ‘Elizabeth’

24. Cattleya Lucille Small ‘Marshall’

25. Cattleya eldorado ‘M. Ito’

26. Lc. Culminant ‘La Tuilerie’ (Original Plant)

27. Brassia (King Kong x Datacosa)

28. Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta

On Apr 18, 2019, at 6:35 AM, Marie Hageman via Groups.Io <mdhageman1@...> wrote:

Reminder, our Annual Plant Auction is coming up MAY 7th.
Please send a list of the plants you are donating to this group so everyone can have a sneak-peak of what will be available and our compiler can make the list for printing.

We still need a volunteer to compile the donations into a list to be printed, which makes following the auction easier. If you can do this, please reply here or email me privately.

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