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Thank you for getting back to me.  For everyone:  I don’t need the no’s, just those who are interested in hearing the plans.  That way everyone doesn’t get mail that is not important.


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Mike, I'm sorry that Bob and I will be unable to go. Sherron

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Hi,  I wanted to give everyone an update on our meeting at Longwood Gardens on 9 February, 2019.  The group that paid for the trip at $19 / head should be aware that we are unlikely to get the group rate with the 15 individuals.  That will make the cost $23/person.  I am hoping that most people can get there by 10 AM.  That will leave time for walking through the conservatory and trying the mushroom soup at the cafeteria. 

I have sent a note off to my contact at Longwood.  I asked if he could arrange for us to have a peek at a production greenhouse, a tour of the area where the orchids are maintained when not in bloom, and an area for a meeting around 2 PM.  He has acknowledged my email and it has been several days.  This would indicate, I hope, that he is working on it and trying to make it happen.  No’s are usually quick and to the point.  

To prepare for future arrangements I would appreciate all those who are thinking of going please answer this email.  Please include your email address and the number of people attending.  In that way I can direct future emails to just those considering attending, and not bothering those who have no intention of going.  You are not committing to anything.  They will provide the same service if we are 5, or 30, people.   It will allow me to better prepare what we can or can’t do.  I don’t care if you want to bring non-members.  If we get either, or both tours, it is interesting to see.  I have never seen the orchid back yard but the production greenhouses are huge and interesting.  For those who have never been to Longwood, the orchid room is a T shaped room with probably more than a hundred blooming orchids.  During the Orchid Extravaganza there are orchids in multiple other areas.  I think it is worth the trip. 

Lastly, since Bea and I are going we would have room for 2 people who don’t feel comfortable driving.  I will warn you that I will be making a stop at a storage locker in Kennett Square, to drop off souvenir mugs from our ADS National Dahlia Show from this past September.  This will add about 15 minutes to our return home.  It takes us about 65 minutes from Riverton to Longwood Gardens.

Mike Horn


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