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Marie Hageman

All are welcome to celebrating the Holiday season with the entire club, rather then just the few members who went to the Villa Barone restaurant.

Tonight we  have a wonderful setting where we can gather together in festive surroundings with a huge variety of International food selections, unheard of at an Italian restaurant, (or most others of 1 nationality.) 
I'm sure this is why the club voted for the buffet idea out of the four choices presented, and did not answer the request for any other chioces.

One correction to my previous email: According to our web site, Bob & Sherry Davis are in charge of our show table. So, when I stated that I needed to get the supplies from Mike Dunigan, I was mistaken. The Davises need to get them and set up the show table tonight, as they will be doing in future. Apparently, I stepped on their toes by taking charge of it, as I was told I needed to do.Therefore, the question as to whether we will have a show table is contingent upon them.
Of course, instead of coercing and badgering me over several months to be President, either, or both of them, could have taken the job.

I have a series of meetings today, so won't be available before our meeting/dinner. I will still be there at 5:30, but if anyone has questions about the show table, I am not the one to ask, anyway. Feel free to ask them.

Hope to see you all there.
Happy Holidays to one and all,

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Sherry and I have always been supportive of our Pinelands Orchid Society and always looked forward to celebrating the Christmas season with the club. We felt that our past celebrations at the Villa Barone restaurant was a wonderful setting where we could gather together in festive surroundings with a speaker and show table. Not to mention a wonderful food selections. I don't know where Marie came up with a Chinese buffet idea, but it appears we did not have a choice in the matter, so we decided we would pass on this one. It appears that we are being swayed by someone's personal food preferences in place of everything else. 

Bob & Sherry Davis

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Hi all:  I would like to second Marie’s comments about tomorrow evening.  I hope people realize that the event is not about the food, but about the company.  We have a very nice group of orchid enthusiasts.  This is a way of saying thank you to those who take the time to organize our monthly meetings.  We all contribute to our education and enjoyment of growing a great flower.  It would be nice to see a good turnout of orchid people, whether they choose to eat, snack, or just want to support the group.
Mike Horn
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You can still come and pay Treasurer Mike Horn tomorrow night.
I reserved for a number twice that of last year's attendance to ensure that there would be plenty of room.
So, just show up, even if you haven't made reservation. Please give your money to Treasurer Mike Horn when you arrive.
December’s meeting is the Holiday Party. We will gather in the spacious party room at the Ruby Buffet, 2100 Route 38 Cherry Hill for an all-you-can-eat feast, starting at 6pm.
The price of $20. is all-inclusive of unlimited appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, and tax, tip, and soft drinks.
For those who want something stronger, it is BYOB and the Total Wine store is right next door.
Guests are welcome for the same low price of $20 each.
We will have a show table if someone can get in touch with Mike Dunigan. He has all the supplies needed and he doesn't answer his emails and his phone is not working. If anyone lives near him, please either remind him to bring them, or just bring the things, yourself- early would be great. I'll be there by 5:30.
Thank you.
See you there, Marie

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