Good news

Marie Hageman

You can still come and pay Treasurer Mike Horn tomorrow night.
I reserved for a number twice that of last year's attendance to ensure that there would be plenty of room.
So, just show up, even if you haven't made reservation. Please give your money to Treasurer Mike Horn when you arrive.

December’s meeting is the Holiday Party. We will gather in the spacious party room at the Ruby Buffet, 2100 Route 38 Cherry Hill for an all-you-can-eat feast, starting at 6pm.
Chinese, American, Italian and Japanese food and seafood entries, as well as sushi, vegetarian food, fruits, deserts and ice creams are offered.
The price of $20. is all-inclusive of unlimited appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, and tax, tip, and soft drinks.
For those who want something stronger, it is BYOB and the Total Wine store is right next door.
Guests are welcome for the same low price of $20 each.

We will have a show table if someone can get in touch with Mike Dunigan. He has all the supplies needed and he doesn't answer his emails and his phone is not working. If anyone lives near him, please either remind him to bring them, or just bring the things, yourself- early would be great. I'll be there by 5:30.

Thank you.
See you there, Marie

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