Re: DCOS 2018 Auction - October 6th, from 9 AM to 4 PM

Bob and Sherron Davis

Hi Valerie, Good to hear from you. We miss you at Pinelands. Hope your orchids are blooming! Sherron

Robert Davis

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Pinelands Members-
Please see attached info about the DeepCut Auction next weekend.  Enjoy!

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To our sister societies:

The 2018 DCOS Auction has been finalized.  As of today, we have:
  • 330 orchids in the largest auction in NJ, which includes a number of special plants:
    • Several Cattleya mother divisions of select plants.
    • Several Cymbidium mother divisions from Fair Orchids
    • A nice selection of Bulbophyllums from several sources
    • A good selection of awarded Cattleyas (species & hybrids).
    • A spectacular selection of Catasetums/Fredclarkaras from SVO.
    • Several specimen size plants, such as:
      • 3 fan Paph micranthum
      • Very large Pholidota gibbosa
  • A new venue at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, NJ, with great amenities, including:
    • Free Parking
    • Free mimosa to early arrivals.
    • Hot buffet lunch ($16 at the door)
    • Great companionship & competition with fellow orchid growers.
    • Cash Bar
    • Sports betting in the next room
Easy directions: Take The Garden State Parkway to Exit 105.  
                             Take Route 36 East, and follow the signs to Monmouth Park.
                             Make Left onto Oceanport Avenue, and take first entrance into Monmouth Park complex (Clubhouse/Valet Parking).

Attached you will find the complete plant list in 3 formats:
  • Sorted alphabetically
  • Sorted by vendor (MD = Member Donation)
  • Sorted in auction sequence.
The full slide presentation with all 330 plants is too large to attach here, but it can be viewed (or downloaded from).  

As something new, on each slide we have:
a.  Used the current taxonomic name to the best of our ability.
b.  Included basic cultural needs for this plant.
c.  Origin of the plant
d.  Any special features we are aware of.

We are also prepared to accommodate those who would like to bid on something, but can't make it to the auction.  To bid without being present, you need to send an Email to Terri Reynolds (terezre@...), with:
  1. Your name & phone number
  2. What plants you are interested in.
  3. Maximum bid on each plant, and maximum total for all plants (if applicable).
  4. Credit card to be used for charging for winning bids at the end of the auction.
  5. We do not have arrangements for shipping.  Plants may be collected at the DCOS October meeting (Oct 9th, Reformed Temple, 332 Hance Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ), between 7 & 9 PM. 
If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to send me mail.

Best rgds,
Kim Feddersen
DCOS 2018 Auction Chair

Looking forward to seeing visitors from all societies on Saturday.

Best rgds,
Kim Feddersen
DCOS 2018 Auction Chair

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