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Bob and Sherron Davis

Hi Rosanne, Bob and I went to the sale yesterday and it was kind of sad. I did buy 2 small dendrobiums but most of the plants were not in good condition and I remember her at the vendors with beautiful phals. I hate to see another place bite the dust. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Sherron   ps. the area in Pennington is beautiful and there is a great quilt shop there so the trip was a good one overall!

Robert Davis

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Hi Everyone,
We are very sad to see the Gange's leave NJ, but wish them well at the same time.  They will remain a part of our orchid family, even from Indianapolis.
Please take the opportunity to say so long to Susan and David and to purchase great plants from their collection at great prices.  This will be the last time we will have that chance : (
President, Deep Cut Orchid Society
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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your offer to email info about my sale to NJOS and DCOS. Upon reflection, I would appreciate your sending the following to the membership:

Some of you have heard that my husband and I are moving to the Indianapolis area. It's been a whirlwind of activity around here, getting the house ready to sell, and now we hear that the movers are arriving next week, weeks earlier than we had anticipated. So, I'm inviting you to our orchid sale, this Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 4pm. Phals in 4" pots are $8, 5" pots are $10, and 6" pots are $15. Other genera include Miltoniopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Cattleyas, etc. in 4" pots for $10, 5" pots for $15, 6" pots for $20, and 7"pots for $30. Cash or checks are accepted, and all sales are final. For this sale, no appointment is needed. Driving directions are on our website. Park on the lawn and walk a short distance back to the greenhouse, since there are only a few parking spots in front of the greenhouse. Do call if you have any questions.
Susan Gange
Stony Brook Orchids

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